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I can't begin to describe how delighted I have been with BCA Contracts. From the outset, communication was excellent and customer service was at the forefront of everything that they did. I cannot thank Ryan and Chris enough for everything that they did; they certainly alleviated a lot of the stress of having asbestos in our home. Thank you for everything that you did for us. It was very much appreciated.

Asbestos Textured Coating - What Does It Contain?


You will often hear trades people state confidently that there is nothing much in asbestos textured coatings. While its true to say that most asbestos textured coatings contain between 3-5% Chrysotile Asbestos Fibres there can be much higher asbestos content in older hand mixed applications. Officially, according to the HSE, Asbestos was used in textured coatings up to 1984 but old stock may have been used for several more years.

In Our Experience


Textured coatings do typically contain 3-5% Chrysotile Asbestos. Although fairly uncommon we have identified hand mixed varieties with much higher concentrations of fibres including Amosite and Crocidolite. It is also worth noting that some asbestos paper linings have the appearance of Artex or can be mistaken for wood chip.

We strongly recommend that any material likely to contain asbestos is sampled by a competent person via a UKAS accredited laboratory in any building constructed before the year 2000. See our FAQs below or visit our Asbestos Testing page for costs and further information.

If In Doubt, Get It Tested!

We provide a local Asbestos Testing service starting at only £49.00 inc vat. For more information Click Here

Examples of Asbestos Textured Coatings (Artex & Popcorn Ceiling and Walls)

Why Use An Expert?

Large scale removal of Asbestos Decorative Textured Coatings ie anything over 1.00 sqm is notifiable to the Health and Safety Executive via form ASB1. In addition all personnel involved in the removal process will require full training and an Asbestos Medical to comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Most tradespeople will not have this in place and will certainly not carry full insurance for Non Licensed Asbestos Removal Works.

As a professional and experienced Asbestos Removal company we are both fully trained and insured to work with Asbestos Decorative Textured Coatings (Artex and Popcorn ceiling and walls).

We can provide you with a complete service including Testing each ceiling or wall for asbestos content. Providing fixed costs and budget costs for Asbestos Artex Removal and provide reinstatement costs if needed including re-boarding and skimming via our construction partners.

We will arrange and manage the whole process. Notifying the HSE before safely removing and disposing of the Asbestos Artex. Liaising with plasterers and other trades to replace or refinish ceilings and walls.

"If steaming or gelling methods are used other than in preparation for maintenance such as fitting smoke alarms or light fittings then the work will be notifiable non-licensed work (NNLW)" HSE

For your peace of mind and safety all work is completed with strict adherence to the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and associated Health and Safety Executive guidance HSG247 and HSG210. A full and complete Hazardous Waste Consignment Note is provided on completion along with a copy of the notification for your records.

Thinking of just have the ceilings skimmed? Call Us First On 01384 505758.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When was asbestos in artex or textured coatings banned?

Answer: In 1984 there was an industry wide agreement to stop using asbestos, it was actually banned in law until 1999.

Question: What type of asbestos was used in artex and textured coatings?

Answer: Chrysotile Asbestos is the prominent type of asbestos present. Often referred to as White Asbestos.

Question: When did they stop using asbestos artex?

Answer: There is no simple answer. Old stock would have been used for a considerable about of time after 1984. As Asbestos Surveyors we have found asbestos textured coatings in properties at least into the mid 1990s where old stock was added to new following leaks, repairs etc.

Question: Can you tell by looking at artex if it has asbestos?

Answer: No, a good Asbestos Surveyor/ Analysts will have a good guess but there is no visual way to identify asbestos without specialist equipment or bulk sample analysis.

Question: How do I know if I have asbestos in my artex?

Answer: The only way to know for certain is to have the material tested. A trained Asbestos Surveyor will take a small sample of the suspect material and send it into a UKAS accredited laboratory for Asbestos Bulk Sample Analysis.

Question: What is the cost of removing artex asbestos?

Answer: Textured coating removal is a slow process and removal methods are strictly controlled and notifiable to the Health and Safety Executive. For this reason every removal contract will be different. Our advice, speak to an expert first and get it tested.

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